The BIG Do Over


Break The Shame Cycle, Claim Your Life


What if one weekend could make the difference between a life of shame and a life of freedom?


Join us, Eric Freiman-Polli and Miriam Linderman, certified professional leadership coaches, for an intimate, loving, healing and transformational experience.


We’ll support you as you rewrite the stories that keep you prisoner to your history and stop you from being fully and confidently you. From here, you’ll get to consciously change the trajectory of your life to serve your heart’s longings.


From this weekend on and for the rest of your life, you’ll be able to:

  • Stop shame in its tracks

  • Take back your power and control, fully in charge of yourself

  • End feelings of less-than, poor-me and powerless victim

  • Set boundaries without guilt

  • Eliminate self-judgment and bring an attitude of gentleness and gratitude to all situations

  • Recognize and take back the emotional and physical energy that gets sucked out of you when you feel shame and inferior

  • Harness the magical power of vulnerability

  • Connect with your inner wisdom, abundance and compassion

  • Choose a new story or script that reframes, inspires, empowers and completely serves you

  • Learn the 3 easy steps to ensure self-love in every situation

  • Have the support that will carry your learning forward


This is for you if you’re sick of thinking yourself into a corner and if you are bored with your old stories of I can’t and here’s why.


This is not for you if you believe that change happens magically without action, and if you’re not willing to practice and deepen new ways of being, thinking and acting.



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